FOP Position Statement


The Mayor and Commissioners of the Town of Elkton received a letter on May 7, 2003, from the Fraternal Order of Police, Elkton Police Lodge 124, Inc., signed by Randy Bertrand, President. The letter indicated that the Elkton Police Lodge would be launching a campaign to enlist the support of Elkton’s voters to petition the Mayor and Commissioners to amend the Town’s Charter to allow for collective bargaining system that authorizes binding arbitration for employees of the Elkton Police Department.

The Mayor and Commissioners do not support, endorse, or otherwise encourage the creation of any amendment to the Charter of the Town of Elkton that would compel the Town’s elected officials to bargain with its employees, individually or collectively. The Mayor and Commissioners are empowered by the Charter and Code of the Town of Elkton, the Constitution and the laws of Maryland to represent the best interests of the town and its citizens. That is our sworn responsibility. Any process to diminish this empowerment and limit the capacity of the Mayor and Commissioners to serve the best interests of the citizens of Elkton is the wrong direction for our government and for our citizens.

The men and women of the Elkton Police Department are a vital part of our public service team. They, along with the other members of this team that work in administration, finance, building, planning, human resources, parks & recreation, and public works, have enabled us to successfully develop and maintain our community at a standard envied by many other communities across our nation. We realize that we have work yet to do, but a formula that includes hard work, perseverance, dedicated public service and teamwork will yield positive results every time. We are asking every citizen in our community to work with us, your chosen leadership, and to decline to sign any petition that would change a fundamental way that our town’s government has operated since 1787 - where the citizens’ elected representatives determine what’s best for Elkton. The citizens can choose not to re-elect any representative who they believe is not doing a good job for the people of Elkton.

Certainly, we do not need or want any situation where a third party can tell the elected representatives of Elkton how to deal with any of our employees and require us to choose between (1) raising taxes, (2) cutting the pay of employees in other departments, (3) laying off employees, or (4) reducing Town services. SO, THE MAYOR AND COMMISSIONERS ARE URGING THE CITIZENS OF ELKTON NOT TO SIGN ANY PETITION CIRCULATED BY THE ELKTON LODGE OF THE FRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICE.

Joseph L. Fisona, Mayor
Jean A, Broomell, Commissioner
John K. Burkley, II, Commissioner
Charles H. Givens, Commissioner
C. Gary Storke, Commissioner

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