Residents Of Turnquist
December 30, 2003

Dear Turnquist Resident:

This Public Notice is intended to advise the residents of the Turnquist residential development that the parking areas in front of the townhouses in this development are public property and parking is regulated. Vehicles parked in these areas must display a valid parking permit or visitor's temporary permit, otherwise vehicles are subject to enforcement action by the Elkton Police Department.

The Code of the Town of Elkton, Title 10, Chapter 10.16, ยง 10.16.020., Special purpose parking areas., declares the following streets in Turnquist to be special purpose parking areas: Hatteras Court, Leeward Court, Loran Court, Transom Court, and Thatch Court. This ordinance further declares that it is unlawful for any person to park any motor vehicle or other vehicle or to allow the same to remain parked in any such area unless a permit has been issued to the motor vehicle or other vehicle by the town. Permits are issued by the Elkton Police Department.

If you currently reside in Turnquist and own, lease, and/or are otherwise in control of a motor vehicle, and park it in a regulated area you must have a valid permit. If you do not possess a valid permit for your motor vehicle, please contact the Elkton Police Department, Attn: Lt. Carolyn Allen, Elkton Municipal Building, 100 Railroad Avenue, Elkton, Maryland 21921 Tele: (410) 398-4200 Monday - Friday 8:00 A.M. - 4:30 P.M., or by E-mail: .

The Elkton Police Department will enforce parking regulations in Turnquist and any vehicle not displaying a valid parking permit will be subject to enforcement action.

Thank you for your attention in this important matter.

Lewis H. George, Jr.,
Town Administrator

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