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Elkton, Maryland and Cecil County Correctional Facility

About Cecil County Detention Center

The Cecil County Correctional Facility is a minimum to a maximum-security detention center in Cecil County, Maryland. Located at 500 Landing Ln, Elkton, MD 21921, the detention center was constructed in 1983 and started taking in up to 142 male and female inmates the following year. In 2012, the facility underwent major renovations that expanded to 168 male and 32 female inmate bed capacity. Today, Cecil County Correctional Facility serves as a holding center for inmates awaiting trial or serving their convictions of up to 18 months. Its current staff of 79 correctional officers and three support workers keep the facility safe and secure for the inmates, visitors, and fellow workers.


The Cecil County Correctional Facility is headed by a Director Detention, who is assisted by a Deputy Director Detention. The senior employees include the Operations Commander and administration Commander.

Inmate Statistics

The following are the statistics for inmates held in Cecil County Correctional Facility:-

Inmate Population

The Cecil County Correctional Facility processes at least 4,000 bookings each year. It receives arrestees from the various municipal police departments in the county. Each new arrival heads to the booking area where their mug shots and fingerprints are taken. Then, the arresting officer reviews the arrestee’s criminal history before cataloging their personal property.
Here, there are at least 200 inmates at the detention center each day. These offenders face misdemeanor charges, including murder, robbery, and rape. Hence, the facility observes high-security protocols with correctional officers undergoing mandatory training on using maces and physical force to keep the visitors, inmates, and fellow officers safe.
After the booking process, the offenders will stay at the detention center to await their trial or sentencing before a court judge. After sentencing, the inmates remain to serve their sentences less than a year at the detention center. Any inmate with a longer sentence gets transferred to a state prison or a federal facility.

Inmate Services

Inmates held at the Cecil County Correctional Facility have access to the following inmate services: -

The Cecil County Correctional Facility contracts PrimeCare, an independent medical provider, to conduct a psychological and medical evaluation for all inmates at the facility. Plus, the service provider provides counseling, addiction, and emergency dental services on-site whenever there is a need.

The inmate GED program provides an opportunity for offenders to sit for their GED examination and attain a school diploma from Maryland High School. Here, the detention center holds classes the entire year.

The Cecil County Detention Center, through the Cecil County Health Department, has an Alcohol and Drug Recovery Center. The recovery center recognizes that substance abuse interferes with brain functioning and is a factor of the individual’s environmental and behavioral conditions. Hence, it provides a variety of addiction services as follows: -

Anger management classes are part of the mental health programs that address anxiety, depression, relationship issues, life changes, traumas, and persistent mental illness. The classes include support groups, job training, and counseling.

This program provides free employment assistance, resume building, vocational training, and educational services to veterans.

The detention center has a volunteer chaplain who provides a bible study, worship service and religious counseling to any inmate who volunteers to attend.

Inmates have access to personal correspondence from their family members and friends. All the incoming mail is to be addressed as per the facility’s guidelines. For example, the senders are to use the U.S. Postal Service only. Second, the inmates have a commissary account where they can spend up to $75 each week on personal items. The inmates receive the funds via the Access Secure Deposits. Third, the detention center contracts Securus Technologies to provide inmate telephone services. Here, the inmates make collect calls to family members and friends as per an approved member’s list. The call recipient bears the full cost of the call. Inmate visitation is allowed on Saturdays for male inmates, and Sundays for female inmates between 7.30 am, and 8.30 am.

Elkton, Maryland

Elkton Town, MD, is the headquarters of the Cecil County government. It is located at the head of the Elk River in Maryland. Nicknamed the “Marriage Capital of the East Coast”, Elkton is famous for its no wait, no blood test law, making it a popular spot for quick marriage ceremonies. The town is managed by an elected Mayor, and an elected Town Commissioner. Both serve a four-year term. The town has had a total of 41 mayors
According to the 2010 census, the town of Elkton has a population of 15,443 people, with 5,580 households, and 3,673 families. The median age is 34.6 years, while the median income for a household in Cecil County is $55,625. The town’s notable schools of higher learning include Wilmington College, West Chester University of Pennsylvania, and the University of Delaware. The town’s notable tourist attractions include the Elk Neck State Park, Elk Landing, the Milburn Orchards, and the Gilpins Falls Bridge
Elkton’s economy relies heavily on boatbuilding and manufacturing due to its strategic location along major transportation routes. It is close to the Baltimore-Philadelphia corridor, the Wilmington-Delaware metropolitan area, major cities, and the Delaware and Chesapeake Canal. 
Various departments exist in Elkton to help in the smooth running of the town. Some of the departments include:

Finances and Taxes

The Finance Department handles all the financial activities of the Town of Elkton. Daily responsibilities of the department include the collection of Town revenue, financial reporting, investment of funds, disbursement of funds, maintenance of bank accounts, payroll processing, and administration, and preparation of annual budget.
The main source of revenue for the town is the annual real estate tax billing, which contributes to nearly 45 % of the total revenue collected. Other sources of revenue are parking meter, business taxes, building permits, county and state allocations, water, and sewer fees.

Public Works

The Department of Public Works maintains the appearance of the Town of Elkton to make the residence and business owners proud of their community.  More than 35 employees work in this department, and work hard everyday by making Elkton a beautiful town.  The Public Work Department is further divided into specialized sectors that handle different functions within the town.


Most students residing in Elkton town attend Cecil County Public Schools. In the center of the town, you can find Elkton High School. Cecil College has a campus in Elkton, known as the Elkton Station campus.

Building and Zoning

The Building and zoning department’s mandate is to review all building construction plans, as well as site plans. The department also Issues zoning certificates, occupancy certificates, permits for new construction, plumbing, and renovation.

The Police Department

The Elkton Police Department is a full-service agency committed to excellence in community policing and service to the citizens of Elkton. This department’s primary aim is to improve the quality of life for every Elkton's citizen through professionalism, integrity and fairness in law enforcement services.

The Sheriff’s Office at Elkton

The Sheriff’s Office is the primary law enforcement agency in Elkton Cecil County. Founded in 1674, the Sheriff’s Office aims to withhold public safety by executing various services to the citizens of Elkton and the entire Cecil county. Hence, the Sheriff’s Office operates three divisions as follows: -

This law enforcement section works towards providing efficient police services, which is the fabric of any law enforcement agency. Hence, it enforces both motor vehicle and criminal laws, serves warrants and civil process papers, responds to routine and emergency calls, and investigates criminal and drug violations. The agency upholds traditional values and employs innovative techniques in its service provision. That way, it strives to maintain Elkton town as a safe region for communities to live, work, and visit.

The Sheriff’s Officer runs a Community Corrections Center, a low-security detention center with 124 inmates. This center holds male and female inmates convicted of crimes within the county. It rehabilitates the inmates through various community activities and rehabilitation programs since they pause the least danger to the community. For example, inmates can take up employment and approved activities as part of their rehabilitation. The center is guided by the Annotated Code of Maryland, Correctional Services Section 8-701 through 8-709, 9-105, and Section 11-602. 

The Cecil County Correctional Facility is one of the divisions of the Sheriff’s Office in Elkton. This detention center provides a safe, secure, and clean confinement for individuals adjudicated to the facility via a law's proper authority.

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